Services Available


Model Procurement guidelines, policies and ordinances are available upon request.


Written information on the QBS process is available, including reports and brochures.


Assistance by telephone or e-mail can be provided on a full-time basis during regular business hours by our facilitator or one of our many volunteers.


Volunteers are available to come to your jurisdiction to meet with elected and appointed officials and staff, to explain the process, the state law requirements, and other pertinent information about the QBS process.


Volunteers are available to assist your jurisdiction with the creation of a procurement policy, creation of an RFQ for a specific project, and assistance with the selection process.


Volunteers are available to make presentations at meetings or conferences on the QBS process.

All volunteers are currently practicing or retired engineers, architects, land surveyors or landscape architects, and will be selected to serve based upon your needs. No volunteer will have any conflict of interest, nor will they participate in seeking work from your jurisdiction on the project in question or any related project.

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